GET IT NOW ON LINE: My Fourth Book Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui: Remarkable people who are part of the visitor experience plus kings, queens, warriors missionaries and how they transformed Maui and set the stage for today’s modern Maui.

MY NEW BOOK DEBUTS: Maui revealed for travelers and those who love Maui, including many who return year after year, a Maui guide “Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui” that showcases Kaanapali and Maui one of most popular tourist destinations in the world (2.5 million visitors annually), and the remarkable people of aloha who have built modern Maui.


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Maui Time Weekly says the author writings “are intriguing and illuminating and provides a handy guide for anyone who has been on the island 24 hours.”

Chicago Tribune Rick Kogan in a radio interview said to the author: “you are the voice of Maui and have the same spirit as (Pulitzer Prize winner) Mike Royko. Your writing reminds me of what he used to write”.

The focus is short tales of a bartender who has made 400,000 mai tais, the surfer/hostess who once posed for Playboy, musicians, artists and colorful characters, the king who united the islands, the queen who lost a kingdom, missionaries, sugar and tourists kings who shaped modern Maui.

Readers will also to know and understand Hawaiians, what they do and what they think about the transformation of this wonderful place from monarcjy, to U.S. territory to state. and what they think say for those who want to understand their cultural experience while here.

Norm Bezane, awarded top two recognition for writing one of the top best feature newspaper columns in the State of Hawaii as well as one of the best independent journalists by the the Society of Professional Journalist’ s Honolulu chapter has included the best of 250 short profiles from his popular Maui newspaper column that debuted in 2006.

The unique accounts loved by visitors and “locals” alike are among the few that tell the story of contemporary remarkable people who have made Maui Maui, the greatest place on earth.

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