In this time of peril…


When staying home  has become a way of life there is more time than ever to read.  Whether you live here, have visited or plan to come a good change of pace and quick read is a book that tells the fascinating story of this place through its people.

Residents will be introduced to the lives of remarkable friends or neighbors you  haven’t taken the time to know or haven’t met.

Past visitors or new ones  will enjoy  a behind the scenes look at who we are. Some 60 short tales introduce Hawaiians, the best musicians, artists, hula dancers. colorful characters, makers of modern Maui.  Hawaii’s amazing and fascinating history is explored  through stories of kings, queens, warriors and missionaries.

You will read of the  little-known stories of the  the popular Old Lahaina Luau, Trilogy Excursions,  Lahaina Galleries, all Maui icons. This is the only book on the contemporary people of Maui and what today’s Hawaiians think about the loss of their  kingdom. It offers their opinions on what has happened to them over the last 50 years

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