Surfer Hostess Laura Blears: Sample of 60 tales in my new book


Laura Blears
Surfer to Hostess with the Mostest 

SHE WAS THE FIRST WOMAN in the world to win money in a surfing contest. She posed for Playboy surfing, leaving little to the imagination. Her illustrious father, Lord James Blears (his real name, not a title) advised her to “go for it.” 

She was a Smirnoff vodka girl, posing in a white swimsuit on a surfboard for a promotional poster sent to every bar in the islands. She went on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, Challenge of the Sexes, as well as its Superstars version, competing with the likes of NFL football star Dick Butkus and others. 

She appeared on What’s My Line, a popular network show in the eighties, whose panel members had to guess the profession of guests. 

Nobody figured out she was a world-class surfer. She is Lahaina’s Laura Blears, formerly Laura Blears Chin and Laura Blears Cohn, who has been the “hostess with the mostest” at Kimo’s on Front Street for the last 12 of her 31 years there.

Full profile in the book. 

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