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A handy guide for anyone who has been on the island 24 hours: Maui Time

To better enjoy a place, get to know a place through fun to read stories of the lives of musicians, artists, an art gallery owner,luau and catamaran pioneers, a concierge, hula dancer, many more. A very short fascinating history depicts the lives of the most extraordinary monarchs who variously crossed oceans, wrote songs still sung today after 100 years and lived in a palace that got electricity and a telephone before the Whte House..

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Get a book refreshing to read (a good change of pace).

Here’s book people love to read about Maui’s remarkable people, our fascinating history and the real meaning of aloha.MAUI TIME WEEKLY  calls the author’s writing “intriguing and illuminating” and the book “an interesting primer on notable people on Maui. Anyone who has been on the island 24 hours will find this an easy, handy reference.


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