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Read about remarkable people who make Maui Maui

Discover how hula is learned, who made 400,00 mai tais, how a surfer posed for Playboy, who was Hawaii’s first feminist, who is the best musician, why the little dog Kea would make a great NFL quarter back, how a prison guard became a DJ, how a warrior unified the islands, why our queen visited London and how do you pronounce aloha (not what you think) and much more, 60 profiles from my award-winning column in Lahaina News.

A handy guide for anyone who has been on the island 24 hours: Maui Time

To better enjoy a place, get to know a place through fun to read stories of the lives of musicians, artists, an art gallery owner,luau and catamaran pioneers, a concierge, hula dancer, many more. A very short fascinating history depicts the lives of the most extraordinary monarchs who variously crossed oceans, wrote songs still sung today after 100 years and lived in a palace that got electricity and a telephone before the Whte House..

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Your best introduction to Maui

Magical Maui. Ocean..Beaches. Azure Sky. Sunsets. Activities. Yet Maui is more. My book which you can purchase here, Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui from an award-winning writer Norm Bezane tells the life stories of remarkable people of aloha past and present. Here you will read of the passion, the true meaning of aloha and the lives of some 60 truly fascinating people from the best of 200 of my columns in Lahaina News.

Who shaped today’s Maui?

That would be four people’s whose stories are told in Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui.How did Polynesians, Hawaiians, missionaries and sugar barons shape Maui? How has the visitor experience evolved decade after decade? What do Hawaiians think about the loss of their kingdom and the more recent Hawaiian renaissance? Who are the colorful characters and so many others who have wonderful stories to tell? How do these remarkable people shape the visitor experience?

The queen who ended the Kapu system.


No boring photos here.

Great Photo of the Day (6/8)

The lonely jogger. Celebrating 6,000 hits on this site. Mahalo.

Read the book on the plane or beach.

Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui released by Aviva Publishing , New York ,is the perfect or visitors, newcomers to the island and even locals who want to quickly learn to appreciate Maui’s remarkable people and Maui’s fascinating history in short stories and through some 60 tales about people you can meet:  Hawaiians, the best musicians you can hear, artists and their life stories.

The book is divided into five  sections that portray monarchs, missionaries, musicians and artists, colorful characters, makers of modern Maui and those who shape the visitor experience. 

It is also a chance to  read little-known stories of the  popular Old Lahaina Luau, Trilogy Excursions,  Lahaina Galleries,all Maui icons. This is the only book on the contemporary people of Maui and what today’s Hawaiians think about the loss of their  kingdom .It offers their opinions on what has happened to them over the last 50 years

What is the best way to learn about Maui before you come?

The best way is through my new book Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui featuring short profiles of top musicians, artists (above), colorful characters, chef, popular DJ, ultimate visitors, lei lady (above), modern whalers, realtor, cultural practitioner plus kings and queens, warriors, missionaries, essay on people’s passion for Maui, some 60 of them. Paperback or Kindle on

Great photo of day (6/2)

No shortage of beautiful people o Maui.

Stories “like tasty cookies.”

One reader says the book for you has stories that jump from the page and are thougtful, short, easy to digest like tasty cookies.

Catamaran adventure

Here you will read about :Musicians. Artists. Hawaiians. Luau founders. Trilogy sailing entrepreneurs. Modern day whalers, 400,000 Mai Tai man. Hostess-surfer. Teacher of intricate hula. Ultimate visitor. Concierge. Lei lady.”Morning Goddess.” Parrot man. Chef. Story teller. Gallery owner. Architect. Gadfly. Activist. Old Timer and fascinating historical figures. 

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