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Another reason Maui is Magical–20,000 celebrate Halloween.  Meet the musicians, artists, Hawaiians , colorful characters and more in my new book Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui.


 The best way is through  my new book Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui featuring BELOW: star musicians musician  plus kings and queens, warriors, missionaries, cultural advisor, essay on people’s passion for Maui, entertainers , popular DJ, cultural practitioners, some sixty of them. Paperback or Kindle or

Perfact to read on the plane or on beach.


For visitors: the only book that enhances the Maui Experience with 60 tales of remarkable people

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT MAUI BEFORE YOU COME?? Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui is an ideal read for the plane or after you arrive. It is the one book on Maui that can enhance the visitor experience through learning about remarkable people of aloha you can meet every day. It also includes fascinating short tales on the historical figures who made Maui Maui.

Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui captures the essence of those who live on Maui and provides inside stories of leading musicians you may want to enjoy, a morning Goddess, a leis lady, a bird man, the 400,000 Mai Tai man, hula dancers and their mystic, ultimate visitors, modern-day whalers, colorful characters, a king who unified the islands and a queen who composed songs still heard today, crossed the ocean to meet the well -known monarch Queen Victoria and lost her kingdom.

     Maui Time Weekly calls the author’s writing “intriguing and illuminating, an interesting primer on notable people on Maui. Anyone who has been on the island 24 hours will find this an easy, handy reference.”

     ”Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui includes 60 short tales based on my award-winning popular columns in Lahaina News that offer insights into Hawaiians and their history as well as the remarkable people visitors can meet every day.

      Read about leading musicians you may want to enjoy, a morning Goddess, a leis lady, a bird man, the 400,000 Mai Tai man, the mystic of hula dancers, ultimate visitors, modern-day whalers, colorful characters. a king who unified the islands and a queen who composed songs still heard today and who crossed the ocean to meet the well -known monarch Queen Victoria and lost her kingdom.

     The society of professional journalists in Honolulu annual awards program named the column whose stories appear in the book one of best in Hawaii and the writer one of the leading independent journalists in the islands. The author’s  credentials include writing for four years for the prestigious Business Week magazine honing writing and reporting skills,  interviewing Dr. Martin Luther King and other notable people.

     Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui is based on knowledge of Maui the author developed over 27 years as a visitor and 15 as a resident. It explains how people develop a passion for this greatest place on earth that exceeds few other places. It explains the real meaning of aloha heard so frequently and why this is a magical island.

     Although there are many books written about Maui very few explore the lives of ordinary people , telling how Hawaiians and others grew up. Of particular interest is a rare look at the feelings of Hawaiians on the loss of their kingdom and how they were teated  for most of the last century.

     Voices of Aloha on Magical Mau begins with a story on the author’s passion for Maui.— passion few have for any place.and visitors often develop, returning again and again to this island paradise. You will learn about the fascinating histories of the  king who unified the islands and the queen who lost a kingdom and the impact  of missionaries, sugar barons and today’s entrepreneurs.

     The book concludes with a tongue and cheek story on the comings and goings of Kea Aloha, the little dog who made possible Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui by not eating the manuscript.

     More can be found on the links above. A paperback version of Voices of  Aoha on Magical Maui can be purchased through the top right link or through, especially through ‘Amazon Prime with no shipping cost.  An e-book can also be purchased on line at

Voices of Aloha Magical Maui Goes Digital

Now you can get Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui on Kindle on Amazon for only $3.99.  60 great tales of Hawaiians, the Visitor Experience, Musicians, Artists, Colorful Characters and Makers of Maui.

If you love Maui, want to know more about the visitor experience…

..are planning a trip, or even a longtime local you will enjoy more than 60 short tales of Hawaiians, Musicians, Artists, entrepreneurs and colorful characters and more . Purchase book here based on 10 years of  popular award-winning columns in Lahaina News by Norm Bezane SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE FROM AUTHOR NORM BEZANE.

Amazon posts first reviews on my fourth book.

Two reviews have captured the essence of Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui.

“This is one of the best sources… to learn of other peoples’ take on the Maui experience. There were a few items I had not found in the standard histories of the Hawaiian nation. Good to know. But best, to me, were the short visits with Mauians of all sorts – This is a book you can read straight through, or dip into here and there as the spirit moves. It’s great!”

And a second review:

“This book was very helpful to me as a new resident .on the island. For one thing it is kind of a primer on the culture offering insights in short essays on the Hawaii of old and the major changes from arrival of missionaries to the plantation and later tourism transformed the island. The author wrote stories about everyday people, some funny, to give me a better sense of the people I may be able to meet in my comings and goings. In a sense it is a kind of guide to living here.”


In my new book you meet remarkable people who have made Maui and  amazing stories of the king who united the islands, the queen who loved America but lost her kingdom and the sugar barons who turned Maui into a virtual melting pot.

You will enjoy the stories of Hawaiians who developed a rich culture they almost lost, the people you can meet every day: the 400,000 Mai Tai man, famous musicians and artists ,the surfer who posed on a surfboard for Playboy, the chef who pioneered Pacific cuisine, the modern-day whalers, preservationists who come each year along with whales that are so fascinating to visitors. Here you will read the story of how the author who like many so many developed a passion for Maui, and even the little dog Kea Aloha, the only Native Hawaiian in our household. .

People tell me they love this book, the only volume on the contemporary people of Maui. Says John T of the Maui Friends of the library, “I couldn’t put it down.”

What is the real meeting of aloha? How did entrepreneurs from Alaska turn catamarans into the most popular ocean attraction on Maui.? How did a would-be bartender build Old Lahaina Luau into one of the best cultural experiences on Maui?   how will hula dancers you will see frequently at every venue learn the intricacies of the dance. How did a truly legendary bartender come to make 400,000 Mai Tais?

It is all here from an award-winning author who visited for 27 years  and has lived here for 14 years, writing more than 250 newspaper columns, the best included in this volume .



An amazing 70 years ago when large number of visitors began to visit Maui Hawaiians abandoned glitzy costumes for those traditional.

Why are these The Ultimate Maui Visitors?

Featured: One of 60 tales of remarkable people who visit or live on beautiful Maui from page 43,  Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui:

THEY HANG OUT at the Tiki Bar, often after a summer of sailing around the San Juan Islands in the Northwest. Meet them and the realization comes quickly that they perfectly represent the passion so many have for Maui.

Frequent visitors Gary Bodine and Chris Marcotte, often listen to some 300 Hawaiian songs Gary  on their iPod on their boat back home in Washington State. (continued below).

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The couple, dividing their time between Maui and Buckley, Washington, regularly cruising the San Juan Islands. Other boaters think they are nuts playing Iz and Grammy winner George Kahumoku on their boat, but they just smile and pretend they are back on Maui. In their own words, this is their story:



Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui moon come up over the water. It was absolutely beautiful.”

“We loved it so much the rst time we came I wanted to cry when we left. We came for nine days and extended for three more. Normally, we come for a minimum of three weeks and then we extend for a week and then another week.

“And the kids say, ‘Are you ever coming home?’ And we say, ‘Only if we have to.’”

“We have been coming here for 12 years. It isn’t for the pools, and it isn’t for activities. We take ourselves on trips around the island to Hana, to Haleakala, and learn as much as we can. After a day or so, we literally drift into tropical paralysis—we are so glad to be here.

“When we went to the Big Island, there was a woman who taught Hawaiian language. She had Hawaiian letters on a Scrabble board. You had to make a Hawaiian word you knew.

“When you are listening to a song, you don’t know what they are singing about. Today, we can look at a street name and know what it means and how to pronounce it. We still don’t know much of the language, but what we did learn was that if you look at a word, you know how to pronounce it.”

“Our favorite things are snorkeling at Black Rock (Pu‘u Keka‘a, where royalty once dove to prove their valor), Honolua Bay, the 14-mile marker, and at Napili (a resort built by Canadians). We go to the hula shows. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen them.”

“(At home,) I will go on the computer and look at the Napili Kai and Sheraton webcams every day. ( at way) I come here every day.”



e Visitor Experience

Chris isn’t here full-time yet, because she also loves the San Juan Islands in the summer. But someday, she will be. She movingly sums up her passion this way: “I could live here without a doubt. My heart is here. I want my ashes to be spread here—this is where my soul is.”

Knowing Maui More: Where there is no smoke…

there is no fire. The iconic Pioneer Mill smokestack, refurnished after the close of West side sugar operations, stands as a sentinel marking the location of the historic town of Lahaina. Stories about the three people most influential in preserving the history of Lahaina appear in my new book Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui. 

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