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What is the best Maui luau? What is the best catamaran sail? Who are the best Maui musicians? Where can you meet local artists? Where can you meet a bartender who has made 400,000 mai this at one of the friendliest bars on Maui? What are leis ladies all about? How do dancers learn hula? Who is the Morning Goddess? Who on Maui invented Pacific cuisine? What are Hawaiian monarchs all about?

Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui is an enjoyable way to learn about this greatest place on earth before you come or when you are here. Knowing about these remarkable people, hearing their music, finding out the best place to see the best art, understanding how the “natives” work and play will enrich your Maui experience.

“These stories are like tasty cookies, thoughtful, easy to digest and give an insightful perspective on Maui,” says one reader.

“ A handy reference for anyone who has been on the island 24 hours” says Maui Time Weekly.

“You have the same spirit as a Pulitzer Prize winner” says Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune.