Knowing Maui More: What do Donald Trump , football’s John Madden and Dustin Hoffman have in common

Trump, Madden and Hoffman all visited Maui and bought paintings from Jim Kingwell whose art appears on the cover of Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui, the only book on the lives of contemporary people of aloha.

Jim’s story:


Jim Kingwell
Painting the Town Red, Green, and Blue

FOR YEARS, FRIDAY NIGHT HAS BEEN ART NIGHT. Every Friday, prolific artist and good soul Jim Kingwell has set up his easel alongside Lahaina sidewalks to lure in crowds.

By his estimate, he has easily painted 3,000 original works of art, many featuring Lahaina Town landmarks.

ough born in Oakland, California, this oil painter and watercolorist has given hundreds of visitors a piece of Maui to take back home—scenes like crowds in front of Cheeseburger in Paradise or ocean view landscapes.

Celebrities like TV sports legend John Madden, Dustin Ho man, Donald Trump, Olympian Dorothy Hamill, Ar  Schwarzenegger, and art officionados around the world display his work, often created en plein air (painted outdoors) in Hawaii, Finland, Switzerland, Chile, and even Easter Island. continued…

The complete tale appears in the section Entertainers/Artists in Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui

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